How Do I Care for My Dental Bridge? By Eugene D. Stanislaus on March 14, 2020

Dental bridgeA dental bridge replaces one or more consecutive teeth. The porcelain prosthetic is anchored to healthy teeth on either side of the gap in your smile.

Following the placement of a custom restoration at our Brooklyn, NY, dental practice, patients will need to clean and maintain their bridge. Proper care can ensure that your dental bridge lasts for many years. Brooklyn Heights has been improving smiles in Brooklyn and Fort Greene, NY, since 1956.

How Long Will My Dental Bridge Last?

The average lifespan of a dental bridge is 15 years. Some patients may require a new bridge before that time and some people can enjoy their bridge for 20 years or longer. Factors that affect the lifespan of your bridge include:

  • Where the bridge is placed
  • What material your bridge is made of
  • The level of care taken when fabricating and placing a bridge
  • Oral hygiene habits
  • Individual chewing habits and diet

Our doctors only work with the highest quality materials. Brooklyn Heights Dental has served the surrounding community for decades, and our dental team takes pride in providing durable, long-lasting restorations.

Extending the Life of Your Bridge

A dental bridge is not designed to last forever. At some point, a new bridge will need to be made to replace your current one. Steps can be taken to extend the lifespan of your dental bridge. Proven tips and advice include steps to:

  • Never use your bridge to pry open objects or to tear packages
  • Wear a quality mouthguard when playing active sports
  • Chew your food evenly on both sides of your mouth
  • Avoid foods that can loosen or dislodge your bridge (like certain candies)
  • Schedule regular dental cleanings and exams
  • Report if your bridge ever feels “off”
  • Address teeth grinding (bruxism)

Dental exams and cleanings are critical for extending the life of your bridge. During your visits to our Brooklyn dental practice, Dr. Eugene D. Stanislaus or Dr. Lisa Reid will closely examine your dental bridge to look for signs of damage or loosening.

Dr. Stanislaus has extensive experience in restorative procedures and Dr. Reid is a highly skilled prosthodontist, meaning that she specializes in the placement and maintenance of prosthetics like dental bridges.

Tips for Cleaning Your Dental Bridge

Cleaning your dental bridge is easy. Our office offers traditional dental bridges and implant-supported bridges. Brushing twice a day will ensure that your bridge remains clean. Cleaning under and around your bridge is also important for maintaining gum health. There are special types of floss threaders that can reach under the bridge. A water flosser is another great option. The electric device shoots a jet of water that can remove food particles from beneath and around the prosthetic.

Schedule a Visit Today

If you are looking for an office that offers same-day bridges, we can use advanced CEREC technology to design and fabricate your bridge during one visit to our Brooklyn, NY, dental practice. To schedule your dental bridge consultation, please contact our office online or call (718) 857-6639. We provide convenient care for residents of Fort Greene and the surrounding areas.

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