Can Dark Chocolate Prevent Gum Disease? Study Identifies Helpful Foods

Gum disease is a serious oral health problem. Surprisingly, eating dark chocolate along with practicing good oral hygiene, may help lower the risk of gum…

Posted by Eugene D. Stanislaus on Jun 30, 2024

Avoid Veneer Techs: Why You Should See a Cosmetic Dentist Instead

Veneer techs are a viral sensation on social media, but their dental work is shoddy and suspect. Here’s why you should only go to a…

Posted by Eugene D. Stanislaus on May 31, 2024

Adult Invisalign® Treatment: Is It Right for Me and What Can I Expect?

Invisalign® can help adults achieve a straighter smile. Find out if Invisalign is right for you and what to expect with treatment.

Posted by Eugene D. Stanislaus on Apr 15, 2024

Damage or Lose a Dental Crown? Here's What You Should Do

Break a dental crown? Has it come loose? The dentists at Brooklyn Heights Dental offer advice on what you should do if your dental crown…

Posted by Eugene D. Stanislaus on Mar 29, 2024

Warning Signs of Tooth Loss: What to Look for and What You Can Do

People often experience the following symptoms and problems before tooth loss. Read about the warning signs and learn about your options for treatment.

Posted by Eugene D. Stanislaus on Feb 15, 2024

Do I Need to See a Dentist? Signs it's Time for a Dental Visit

Experiencing tooth pain? Are your teeth sensitive? You may need to see our Cobble Hill, Fort Greene, Dumbo, NY-area dentist. Look out for these signs that you need…

Posted by Eugene D. Stanislaus on Jan 15, 2024

Invisalign®: Tips for Dealing With Discomfort and Irritation

Invisalign® is an alternative to braces offered at Brooklyn Heights Dental. Our dentists provide Invisalign tips to help patients minimize discomfort and irritation.

Posted by Eugene D. Stanislaus on Dec 15, 2023

What Dental Treatments Should I Get Before My Wedding?

Have your big day coming up? Our dentists look at common procedures to enhance your smile so you can look your best during your wedding.

Posted by Eugene D. Stanislaus on Nov 15, 2023

Can Veneers Get Stained and Can I Whiten Them?

Many patients wonder if veneers can get stained and if they can undergo whitening treatment. We discuss the possibility of veneers discoloration and whitening. If…

Posted by Eugene D. Stanislaus on Oct 15, 2023

Do I Have Gum Disease? Here Are the Warning Signs and Risks Factors

You’ve heard of gum disease, but do you know what it is? You might even have early symptoms and not know. Our dentists cover the…

Posted by Eugene D. Stanislaus on Sep 15, 2023

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