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Would you like to replace your conspicuous metal fillings and crowns with strong, tooth-colored ceramic materials which restore your teeth to their natural strength and beauty? Do you wish that your beautiful restoration could be delivered in a single visit while you wait? This is possible at Brooklyn Heights Dental™ where Dr. Eugene Stanislaus customizes porcelain veneers, crowns, onlays, and inlays using the innovative CEREC restoration system.

The CEREC system is a superior method, using computer-aided technology, to create precisely designed, color-matched, and highly durable ceramic dental restorations right in the office while you wait. The dental restoration process using the CEREC system allows Dr. Stanislaus to prepare your tooth, scan it and customize a beautiful porcelain inlay, onlay, veneer or metal free crown. The new dental restoration is then bonded to your tooth. The CEREC dental restoration procedure is performed in one office visit, allowing you to avoid impression materials, temporaries and multiple dental appointments associated with cosmetic dentistry procedures. The result is a high-quality, color-matched dental restoration that looks and feels like a natural tooth, in a fraction of the time. Contact CEREC dentist, Dr. Eugene Stanislaus at Brooklyn Heights Dental® to schedule an appointment for your CEREC dental restoration.

The CEREC Dental Restoration Procedure

The CEREC dental restoration procedure begins with an examination of the tooth you would like to have restored. After examining the tooth and determining the appropriate course of treatment, Dr. Stanislaus will prepare your tooth for the dental restoration similarly to traditional treatment methods. Your prepared tooth will be coated with a safe, tasteless powder. The CEREC system then uses a state-of-the-art digital 3D camera to create an optical impression. The digital image replaces the physical impression required in traditional dental restoration procedures. No more long waits while a tray of impression material hardens in your mouth. State-of-the-art computer aided design (CAD) software allows Dr. Stanislaus to design every precise detail of your dental restoration with great accuracy. The software allows Dr. Stanislaus to customize the shape of the dental restoration to exactly fit your specific clinical needs. While you wait, exact design specifications are sent to our on-site milling machine to create your restoration from a small block of porcelain. About 10 to 15 minutes later, your all-ceramic, color-matched dental restoration is ready for placement. Your new dental restoration is fitted, polished and bonded for permanence. Your tooth is restored back to its natural form, function and beauty. Traditionally, making porcelain inlays, onlays, crowns or veneers requires impressions, temporaries and laboratory procedures which can take as much two weeks. This requires 2 to 3 dental appointments. At Brooklyn Heights Dental®, using the CEREC system, Dr. Stanislaus can precisely design your durable, color-matched ceramic dental restoration right in his office, in one dental appointment. From simple filling to full crown and veneers, the CEREC system at Brooklyn Heights Dental®, delivers the beautiful results you need in a single appointment.

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Brooklyn Heights Dental® offers dental restorations to patients in Fort Greene, Carroll Gardens, and surrounding communities. In one visit, our CEREC dentist Dr. Stanislaus can replace your metal dental work with metal-free crowns and other dental restorations. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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The team at Brooklyn Heights Dental® has been committed to caring for our community's smiles since 1956. Dr. Eugene D. Stanislaus and Dr. Lisa Reid are affiliated with several renowned institutions and organizations, including:

  • The Academy of General Dentistry
  • The International Congress of Oral Implantologists
  • The International College of Dentists
  • The Misch International Implant Institute

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