LANAP is an FDA-approved procedure for the treatment of periodontal disease. At our Brooklyn Heights dental practice, we are able to treat advanced to severe periodontal disease in roughly two, two hour treatments.

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DR. STANISLAUS: We perform LANAP, laser assisted new attachment procedure. Using a very fine laser called the Periolase. This is the only FDA approved laser for the treatment of gum disease. In the past moderate to severe periodontal disease was treated with a periodontal regiment which took eight or more visits. In our practice, we are able to treat advanced to severe periodontal disease in two treatments of about two hours a piece. The laser is placed in the periodontal pocket, destroying only the disease tissue, while leaving the healthy tissue unaltered. After that we used a laser to sterilize the periodontal pocket, removing all harmful bacteria. This is a great procedure because in the past the periodontal surgery, patients would have a lot of downtime, there would be a lot of pain, there would be suturing. With LANAP there is no suturing, very little pain, very little bleeding after, very little swelling and we are really excited that we can offer that to our patients here in this office. GREG MCKINNEY: The fiber optic tip is gently placed at the top of the periodontal pocket to begin removal of diseased tissue that lines the pocket. This is where bacteria live and build a neighborhood of its own that destroys healthy gum tissue and bone that hold your teeth in the proper position. There are specific germs and bacteria that cause gum disease. The Periolase laser is designed to target and eliminate selectively only the disease tissue and germs, dissolving toxins and leaving the healthy tissue unharmed. The laser tip is then removed from the pocket and set aside. In the next step of the procedure ultrasonic cleaners as small as the laser fiber tip are used to remove the hard deposits we call tartar or calculus from the top of the teeth and roots. These instruments use sound waves to vibrate and break apart the hard mineral calcium deposits with water flushing away the debris and cooling the instrument tip. Some hand cleaning instruments may be used at this time to remove any remaining hard calcium deposits. Then the laser is used again at the bottom of the pocket to remove any remaining diseased tissue. This pass of the laser also sterilizes the tissue and bone and completely eliminates the bad bacteria, germs and toxins. It also stimulates the formation of a blood clot which once formed contains fibers that reattach your tissue to the tooth surface and seal out debris and bacteria like stitches would. And it creates the right environment to cause the bone and other soft tissue lost from the disease to grow back.

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