Avoid Veneer Techs: Why You Should See a Cosmetic Dentist Instead By Eugene D. Stanislaus on May 31, 2024

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Many people come to Brooklyn Heights Dental to get dental veneers to treat cosmetic flaws on teeth. They are popular, but the cost of treatment can be a burden on some individuals. That’s why some people in Fort Greene, Dumbo, Cobble Hill, and other Brooklyn neighborhoods have looked up veneer techs for their dental work.

Veneer techs may seem to save you money in the short term, but they can cause major damage to your teeth that will be far more expensive to repair than just getting veneers placed by a licensed dentist.

Let’s explore the dangers of veneer techs and why you need a cosmetic dentist to do your veneer treatment.

What Is a Veneer Tech?

Veneers techs are unlicensed people who place veneers outside of dentist’s offices. Rather than going to dental school, veneer techs pay money for a two-day training course so they can receive a meaningless certification as a person who can place veneers.

Since veneer techs are not licensed dental professionals, the work they do is illegal.

Reasons Why Veneer Techs Are Dangerous

Here are some of the main reasons why veneer techs are dangerous and need to be avoided.

Veneer Techs Lack Proper Training

You should not trust your teeth to a person who spent two days to earn a meaningless certificate. Veneer techs could remove too much enamel, causing extreme harm to your oral health.

Veneer Techs Use Bad Equipment and Materials

Veneer techs don’t have access to the tools used by dentists. Instead of dental supply store equipment and materials, they may rely on tools and acrylics used by nail technicians.

Veneer Techs Have No Background in General Dental Care

The structure and aesthetics of the teeth can be quite complicated. Having a background in dental care and treating oral health conditions is essential for safe and effective dental work.

Problems With DIY Veneer Tech Dental Work

Some of the most common issue with veneers placed by unlicensed DIY technicians include:

  • Pain and Discomfort - If too much enamel is removed, your teeth may be extremely sensitive or sore after your procedure.
  • Lasting Oral Health Problems - The excessive and careless removal of tooth structure could increase your risk of dental fractures, tooth decay, and root canal infections.
  • Artificial-Looking Veneers - Since veneer techs use low-quality materials, you will likely wind up with cheap-looking veneers.
  • Unstable Veneers That Fall Off - There are accounts of loose veneers placed by unlicensed technicians that fall off not long after they’ve been placed.
  • The Need for Professional Retreatment - When a veneer tech does damage to your teeth, you’ll need to see a regular properly trained dentist to fix the mess the veneer tech caused.

Bottom Line: Trust the Professionals, Not Veneer Techs

Whether you’re looking for veneers or any sort of cosmetic dentistry work or makeovers, you need to see trained dentists like the ones here at Brooklyn Heights Dental.

Again, it may seem like veneer techs are saving you money with affordable veneers, but they are just scamming people into a world of pain and regret.

Contact Us to Get Safe and Long-Lasting Veneers

Get good, durable, natural-looking veneers from people you can trust. To discuss the treatment process and review cost and payment options, contact Brooklyn Heights Dental. Our high-quality dental work is a worthwhile investment.

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