Damage or Lose a Dental Crown? Here's What You Should Do By Eugene D. Stanislaus on March 29, 2024

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Many patients who receive a dental crown to cap a compromised tooth comment on how strong the restoration feels. We use durable materials that are carefully matched with the fit, feel, and natural appearance of your teeth for great results.

However, even though dental crowns are strong, you can still break or lose a crown after an accident. So what should you do if a crown breaks or falls off?

Here, the team at Brooklyn Heights Dental in the Fort GreeneDumboCobble HillNY-area offers advice that can help reduce the feelings of anxiety that accompany an issue with a crown.

What to Do if a Crown Falls Out or Feels Loose

When a crown gets dislodged, these steps should help you avoid a serious oral health issue.

1. Locate the Crown

Should your crown fall out completely, be sure to locate where it is.

Did it fall to the ground? If so, pick it up and wash it off immediately.

Did your crown come loose inside your mouth but not fall out of your mouth? Avoid swallowing until you can locate the crown and then place it somewhere safe.

2. Inspect the Crown and Your Tooth

Next, inspect the crown and the tooth it came loose from. Is the crown cracked or broken in any way? Does the tooth look damaged or compromised?

Whether the crown falls out completely or just feels loose, giving it a once-over will help you understand what to tell your dentist.

3. Call Your Dentist

Contact the team at Brooklyn Heights Dental immediately by phone about what happened to your crown. We can schedule an appointment for you as soon as possible.

4. Avoid Using the Affected Tooth

Before you can get in to see the dentist, we advise you to eat soft, room-temperature foods and beverages. Avoid using the side of your mouth with the missing or loose crown as much as possible.

What to Do if a Crown Gets Chipped or Cracked

A crown could be damaged without fully coming off. In these situations, follow these instructions.

1. Inspect the Crown and Your Tooth

Make sure to look in a mirror to examine the damage. If parts have broken off the crown and fallen off, make sure to collect them and keep them somewhere safe.

2. Call Your Dentist

Get in touch with the team at Brooklyn Heights Dental and let us know what happened. We’ll make sure to set you up with an appointment as soon as we can.

3. Protect the Affected Tooth

Eat soft foods that are at room temperature for the time being. Avoid chewing on side of your mouth with the damaged crown as much as possible.

What if I Need a New Dental Crown?

Your dentist may be able to repair a damaged crown or affix the old crown back in place. If that’s not a viable option, we can craft a new custom crown for you as a replacement.

Contact Brooklyn Heights Dental

Whether your crown is cracked or comes loose, you can count on our team for help. To learn more about your options for treatment, contact the team at Brooklyn Heights Dental. We’re ready to listen and set you up with an appointment time.

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