Getting Rid of Jaw Pain: TMJ Disorder Treatment By Eugene D. Stanislaus on September 29, 2015

A scan of a patient’s jaw during TMJ disorder screeningAt Brooklyn Heights Dental, we are well known for providing our patients with a full range of cosmetic dentistry treatments designed to transform their ordinary smiles into extraordinary works of living art. However, every stunning smile is built upon a foundation of solid oral health. For that reason, we also offer a comprehensive selection of exceptional general dentistry treatments, including TMJ disorder treatment, at our Brooklyn dental practice.

The TMJs, or temporomandibular joints, are among the most important in the human body. You rely on your TMJs every day for such basic tasks as speaking, eating, yawning, and smiling. The TMJs are the joints that connect your lower jaw to your skull on either side of your head. They are located just in front of your ears. Unfortunately, whether due to stress, lifestyle habits, or simply years of overuse, these joints can become inflamed, fatigued, or otherwise damaged, resulting in discomfort or even severe pain, in addition to symptoms such as ringing in the ears, headaches, and even hearing loss.

Millions of people with TMJ disorder may not even realize that they suffer from the condition. This is because the pain associated with TMJ disorder is not always concentrated in the jaw area. It can manifest itself in the form of head, neck, shoulder, back, or even arm pain. Many sufferers have no idea that they are dealing with what is essentially an oral health problem that requires diagnosis from a skilled dentist.

Fortunately, Dr. Eugene D. Stanislaus has the skill not only to diagnose, but also to treat TMJ disorder. All you have to do is visit Brooklyn Heights Dental for a comprehensive oral exam at your earliest convenience, and Dr. Stanislaus and his team will take care of the rest.

How is TMJ disorder treated?

As with most oral health conditions diagnosed at Brooklyn Heights Dental, TMJ disorder is treated accorded to each individual patient’s unique case. Dr. Stanislaus performs a thorough evaluation of the patient’s mouth, head, neck, and jaw and takes a complete health history. Based on his evaluation, he prescribes the most conservative treatment plan that is likely to yield the best results.

The available therapies to treat TMJ disorder include:

  • Lifestyle modifications: While most cases of TMJ disorder can be traced to multiple causes, lifestyle habits often contribute to the condition. Stress, poor sleep habits, excessive alcohol consumption, smoking, poor diet, and other lifestyle habits can all lead to inflammation of the TMJs.
  • Physical therapy: Exercising and strengthening the jaw muscles can help to reduce stress on the TMJs.
  • Night guard therapy: Custom night guards can help to prevent patients from clenching their jaws and grinding their teeth in their sleep, which is one of the most common causes of TMJ disorder.
  • Orthodontic treatment: If bite and misalignment problems are contributing to a patient’s TMJ disorder, orthodontic therapy can be performed to remedy these problems.
  • Orthognathic surgery: Surgical intervention should be considered a last resort in the treatment of TMJ disorder, unless a congenital deformity clearly makes such treatment necessary. Corrective jaw surgery can be performed to bring severely misaligned jaws into improved alignment.

Learn More about TMJ Disorder Treatment

To learn more about TMJ disorder treatment, please contact Brooklyn Heights Dental today.

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