Top Treatments for Tooth Decay By Eugene D. Stanislaus on December 12, 2014

Close-up of a woman's mouth showing bright, white teethTooth decay can be a source pain and, if untreated, can lead to tooth loss. You don't have to suffer from tooth decay. Restorative dentistry treatments can repair dental damage and return your teeth to a flawless appearance. Here are just a few of the top treatments for tooth decay offered at Brooklyn Heights Dental. Schedule a consultation to find out which treatment is right for you.

Tooth-colored Fillings

Tooth-colored fillings are one of the top treatments for tooth decay. They are more aesthetically pleasing than traditional metal fillings. Tooth-colored fillings are made of composite resin, which can be custom colored to match the surrounding tooth structure, creating a seamless blend.

Aside from the cosmetic benefits of tooth-colored fillings, fillings made of composite resin or porcelain are actually safer for the teeth than traditional silver fillings. Silver fillings expand and contract when in contact with changes in temperature. This expansion and contraction puts stress on the teeth and can lead to dental fractures. Composite resin is safer for teeth because they are not susceptible to changes in temperature. 

Inlays and Onlays

Inlays and onlays are another tooth-colored option for treating tooth decay. Inlays are used to treat decay within the cusps of the teeth. Onlays are used when decay extends beyond one or more cusps. Onlays are particularly useful when decay or damage is too extensive for dental fillings but not severe enough to require a dental crown; this is why onlays are often called partial crowns. Like dental crowns, inlays and onlays are made of porcelain, which is colored to match the surrounding teeth for a flawless finish.

Porcelain Veneers

Mild decay in the front teeth can be masked with porcelain veneers. Porcelain veneers are thin, tooth-shaped fabrications custom-made for each patient. Porcelain veneers are crafted to blend with the surrounding teeth and can even be made to improve the shape and size of teeth.

Dental Bonding

Dental bonding treatment is similar to porcelain veneers treatment. The difference is dental bonding uses a tooth-colored, putty-like resin to treat minor decay and hide other flaws or imperfections. The putty-like resin is shaped to the desired size and appearance and then hardened in a special curing process.

Porcelain Dental Crowns

Large dental fillings can leave the teeth vulnerable to breakage, especially when metal fillings are in place. Dental crowns are tooth-shaped caps that completely cover damaged teeth to restore dental strength and appearance. Dental crowns can also save broken teeth from extraction. If tooth extraction is required as a result of major decay, dental crowns can be paired with dental implants to permanently replace missing teeth.

Find Out Which Treatment Is Right for You 

Don't let tooth decay go untreated. There are many treatments available for tooth decay, and they can also restore dental appearance. You can have a beautiful, healthy smile. To find out which treatments are right for you, we invite you to schedule a consultation today! We can examine the health of your teeth and determine which tooth decay treatment is appropriate in your case.

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