Single vs. Multiple Tooth Replacement with Dental Implants By Eugene D. Stanislaus on January 30, 2014

Brooklyn Implant DentistryThere is no such thing as minor tooth loss. The loss of even a single tooth can negatively affect the health of the entire mouth, leading to the degradation of the jaw bone and periodontal tissues as well as the misalignment of otherwise healthy teeth. The more teeth that are lost, the more serious the threat to a person’s oral and overall health.

Fortunately, modern dentistry offers a nearly ideal solution to missing teeth in the form of dental implants. Brooklyn Heights Dental cosmetic dentist Eugene Stanislaus performs every stage of implant dentistry, from the placement of the titanium implant posts to their restoration with exquisitely crafted replacement teeth. For patients of his state-of-the-art office in Brooklyn, implant dentistry can be used to replace a single tooth, multiple teeth, or even every tooth in the mouth. These patients emerge from treatment with fully functional, aesthetically pleasing smiles.

Implant-supported Dental Crowns

If you are missing only one of your natural teeth, a single dental implant can be placed at the site of the missing tooth. Dr. Stanislaus surgically embeds the titanium implant post into the jaw, where it integrates with the bone to become, in essence, part of the patient’s natural anatomy. In some cases, if there is sufficient bone density to support the implant, Dr. Stanislaus may be able to restore the post with a natural-looking dental crown immediately. In other cases, there will a period of three to six months during which the integration process will take place, after which the restoration can occur. In any event, the replacement of a single tooth with an implant-supported crown offers many benefits, including:

  • The teeth adjacent to the gap once occupied by the now missing tooth will no longer “drift” toward the space, ensuring the maintenance of the patient’s bite.
  • The degradation of the bone and gum tissue at the site of the missing tooth will cease.
  • The patient’s smile will be once again complete.

Multiple Tooth Replacement

One of the primary benefits of dental implants is that they are extremely versatile. If you are missing two or three consecutive teeth, Dr. Stanislaus can use implants to secure a dental bridge. He can even replace every tooth in the mouth with implant-supported dentures.

At Brooklyn Heights Dental, we are proud to offer the revolutionary HYBRIDGE® system, which allows Dr. Stanislaus to support an entire upper or lower arch of replacement teeth with just five or six dental implants. If necessary, both arches can be restored using just ten to twelve dental implants. The HYBRIDGE® system offers a superb alternative to traditional dentures. Patients fitted with HYBRIDGE® implants will:

  • Never have to worry about their dentures slipping or sliding out of place
  • Be able to bite, chew, speak, and smile with renewed ease
  • Have their oral health return to an optimal state
  • Look and feel their absolute best

Learn More about Single and Multiple Tooth Replacement with Dental Implants

To learn more about how dental implants can be used to replace a single tooth, multiple teeth, or even every tooth in your mouth, please contact Brooklyn Heights Dental today.

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