LANAP® Procedure By Eugene D. Stanislaus on January 30, 2014

Brooklyn LANAP®Brooklyn Heights Dental, the cosmetic dentistry practice of Dr. Eugene Stanislaus, is proud to offer its patients the latest and most advanced form of periodontal treatment available in the form of the revolutionary LANAP® procedure. Performed with the state-of-the-art PerioLase® Nd:YAG laser system featured at our office in Brooklyn, LANAP® represents the most effective method of treating gum disease at any stage in its progression. As an alternative to periodontal surgery, it provides a gentle, minimally invasive solution that requires a recovery period of less than 24 hours and involves little to no discomfort. Most of our patients are able to return to their routine schedules immediately after treatment.

The LANAP® Procedure

One of the greatest advantages of the LANAP® procedure is how quick it is. Compared to traditional periodontal surgery, which generally requires five to ten dental visits and an often painful recovery of two to four weeks, LANAP® is completed in two office visits and virtually no discomfort or downtime. Half of the mouth is treated at each of the two treatment sessions, each of which lasts about two hours and entails the following stages:

  1. After the depth of the pocket between the gums and the tooth has been measured, an extremely small laser fiber is inserted in the pocket. The laser is used to gently removed diseased periodontal tissue and identify roughness at the root of the tooth.
  2. An ultrasonic scaling device and other hand instruments are used to remove layers of infected matter from the tooth root.
  3. A final pass with the laser is performed to debride the pocket and promote proper healing.
  4. The periodontal tissue is then placed snugly against the tooth, kept in place by a fibrin clot.
  5. A high-speed handpiece with a diamond bur is used to adjust teeth that shifted out of their optimal position due to periodontal disease.

That’s it! Two visits to our periodontist and you emerge from treatment with dramatically improved oral health, a stronger bite, and a clean slate in terms of your periodontal health.

Benefits of LANAP® Treatment

Most adults experience periodontal disease to varying degrees at some point in their lifetimes. LANAP® gives people suffering from periodontal disease an opportunity to “start over” with far healthier mouths. Once treatment is complete, regular visits to Brooklyn Heights Dental can keep you in good periodontal health for the rest of your life.

Other benefits of LANAP® treatment include:

  • No incisions and no sutures
  • Far less discomfort during and after treatment than with periodontal surgery
  • Better long-term results than with periodontal surgery, with 98 percent of patients remaining stable five years after treatment in clinical studies
  • Most patients are able to eat whatever they want immediately after the procedure
  • Safe for most special-needs patients, including those with diabetes, HIV, or hemophilia

Learn More about LANAP® Treatment

If you would like to learn how you could benefit from the extraordinary LANAP® procedure, or you would like to schedule your initial consultation with Dr. Eugene Stanislaus, please contact Brooklyn Heights Dental today.

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