Treating Gum Disease with Root Planing and Scaling By Eugene D. Stanislaus on December 10, 2013

Brooklyn Root Planing and ScalingGum disease is one of the biggest threats to a person’s oral health. While the initial stages of gum disease may result in minimal bleeding or a slight irritation of the gums, as the disease progresses, the gums begin to recede, leading to loose teeth and eventually tooth loss. In its most advanced stages, gum disease may require surgical treatment. However, Brooklyn cosmetic dentist Eugene D. Stanislaus offers root planing and scaling as an effective deep cleaning method of treating gum disease before surgical intervention becomes necessary. This procedure restores the health of the gums while avoiding the need for more invasive treatment.

When Is Root Planing and Scaling Necessary?

Gum disease is a progressive condition. Symptoms of the earliest stages of gum disease may be as minimal as a slight darkening or inflammation of the gums. In these stages, it can be easy to ignore the condition. However, gum disease will quickly worsen if it is left untreated. Common symptoms of moderate to advanced stages of gum disease include:

  • Dark red gums
  • Swollen or inflamed gums
  • Gums that bleed easily
  • Receding gums
  • Loose teeth

When these symptoms occur, it is important to see Dr. Stanislaus for treatment as the disease has likely progressed to its more advanced stages. For most patients with minor to moderate stages of gum disease, root planing and scaling can effectively treat the condition so that surgical treatment does not become necessary.

The Procedure

Essentially, root planing and scaling is a thorough cleaning that allows Dr. Stanislaus to clean not only the surface of the teeth and gum line but also the area beneath the gums. When bacteria enter beneath the gum lines and develops into plaque or tartar, the gums will begin to recede. By removing bacteria and debris from this area, Dr. Stanislaus can promote healing of the gums and reattachment to the tooth.

The root planing and scaling procedure is two part; scaling involves the use of a handheld and ultrasonic instrument to remove plaque and tartar from the crown of the tooth, while root planing is a cleaning procedure that smoothes the root surfaces of the tooth. In many cases, this cleaning is followed by the administration of antibiotics to ensure that all harmful bacteria have been eliminated.

Alternate Treatment

As a periodontist, Dr. Stanislaus is trained in the effective treatment of gum disease. For patients who show signs of advanced gum disease, Dr. Stanislaus is likely to recommend surgical treatment. Fortunately, Dr. Stanislaus is one of the few doctors in the area to be trained in laser assisted gum disease surgery. This procedure effectively treats moderate to advanced stages of gum disease while minimizing pain, recovery time, and risks of treatment.

Schedule an Appointment

If you believe that you may be suffering from gum disease, it is important to seek treatment as soon as possible. Dr. Eugene D. Stanislaus can examine the teeth and gums to determine the most appropriate gum disease treatment for each patient’s unique needs. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Stanislaus at your earliest convenience to get the health of your gums back on track.

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