The Removal of Wisdom Teeth By Eugene D. Stanislaus on November 20, 2013

The Removal of Wisdom TeethThere are many different dental health needs that patients face as they mature. Obviously as children we lose our baby teeth to make room for our permanent teeth, and later in life, we work our hardest to preserve the health and beauty of these teeth. Sometimes they need to be restored or even replaced completely in order to maintain the beauty and health of the mouth.

Sometimes the total removal of a tooth is necessary for good dental health, however. This is especially true when it comes to the wisdom teeth. We'd like to take a few moments right now to consider a few things regarding wisdom teeth and how they can be properly addressed. You will be able to learn more about wisdom teeth during a consultation with your cosmetic dentist.

About Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth are two extra pairs or molars that develop behind a person's rear molars. These teeth are not necessary for chewing or biting. Usually there are for wisdom teeth that come in, but fewer can also emerge as well.

When do wisdom teeth begin to emerge?

Typically, wisdom teeth begin to emerge around age 17 or age 18 and then fully emerge by the early to mid 20s. According to Wikipedia, these kinds of teeth are called "wisdom teeth" because people are presumed to be wiser when they age.

Problems That Wisdom Teeth Can Cause

Wisdom teeth pose a number of general and restorative dentistry health issues that often necessitate their extraction. The most common problem involves wisdom teeth coming in sideways or crooked. When this happens, it can impact the second molars, causing a good deal of pain and discomfort in the mouth. Tooth damage may be possible if the impaction is severe.

Is wisdom tooth extraction necessary?

When the wisdom teeth can cause issues with impaction and alignment of the teeth, then yes, wisdom tooth extraction is necessary to ensure patient wellness.

What to Expect During Wisdom Tooth Removal

Wisdom tooth removal is performed under local and general anesthetic in order to prevent undue pain and discomfort from affecting the patient.

During this procedure, an oral surgeon will carefully make incisions around the gumline where the wisdom teeth are located in order to remove the tooth and the tooth root. For some cases, the wisdom tooth may be removed in sections to make the process easier and less traumatic on the jawbone and adjacent structures. Once removal is completed, the gumline is then carefully stitched closed in order to ensure proper healing.

Recovery and Other Factors to Consider

Recovery from wisdom tooth removal takes only a few days and tends to be pretty easy for patients. Discomfort and soreness are common, though this can be managed by pain medication as needed. Patients should get a lot of rest to ensure optimal healing and are advised to eat soft foots. The use of straws is to be avoided since the pressure caused by sucking a straw can potentially affect the stitches and incisions sites.

Learn More About Extracting Wisdom Teeth

For more information about wisdom tooth extraction and your many other options for advanced restorative, general, and cosmetic dentistry, contact our Brooklyn Heights dental care center today. We are all eager to meet you in person and help you achieve the best possible dental wellness.

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