Jan 25

Invisalign® vs. Porcelain Veneers

Posted on January 25, 2011 — by Eugene D. Stanislaus

It’s hard to be born with perfectly straight teeth. There’s usually some small bit of crowding that could be improved, or maybe some minor spacing matters that could be better, or perhaps there is a certain unevenness about one or both rows of teeth. Our Brooklyn cosmetic dentist has some options for you if you if you would like to subtly improve the alignment of your smile. Those options are Invisalign® and porcelain veneers. Keep in mind, though, that these are not interchangeable and each is better suited for different situations.

Let’s first look at porcelain veneers. Porcelain veneers are these thin ceramic shells that are designed to fit over the front face of a tooth. Doing this will help mask a crack, a chip, a major stain, or minor unevenness. We stress minor here since porcelain veneers are intended for just such fixes when it comes to misalignment.

Now let’s look at Invisalign®. The Invisalign® system involves the use of clear plastic aligners that are custom fitted to your teeth. You will wear these clear plastic aligners at all times except when eating or drinking. Every two weeks, you will receive a new Invisalign® aligner that will continue to gradually align your teeth. You’ll wear the Invisalign® aligners just as long as you would braces, but the best part if few will realize you’re undergoing orthodontic treatment.

So which is best for you--Brooklyn porcelain veneers or Invisalign®? This is not something that can be answered online, actually. This will really all depend on you and your unique dental health needs. For this reason, it’s important that you schedule a consultation at our cosmetic dentistry office in Brooklyn in order to find out the best options for your needs. If porcelain veneers are the best option, then you’ll be fitted for these thing ceramic shells; and if Invisalign® is better for your needs, you’ll get a treatment plan designed just for your needs. You’ll never find out if you don’t come in, so please contact our office for a consultation today.

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