Jul 5

Gum recession is a common periodontal health issue often caused by gum disease and aggressive brushing. Grafting procedures are an ideal treatment option.

Mar 21

Gum disease can affect more than just gum tissue. Here’s what you should know about gum disease and bone loss, and what you can do to prevent both. 

Mar 5

Drs. Eugene D. Stanislaus and Lisa Reid of Brooklyn Heights Dental explain the symptoms of gum disease and the causes of the issue.

Jan 30
Gum disease doesn't just affect the appearance of your smile, it can also have an affect on your overall health and wellness. Let's take a look at these matters right now.
Jan 30

The LANAP® procedure gives patients an alternative to surgery in the treatment of gum disease at any stage.

Dec 19

As gum disease progresses, it poses increasing risks to your teeth, jaw, and overall health. To help combat this, it may be necessary to reduce pockets of disease in the gums.

Dec 10

For effective treatment of gum disease, Dr. Eugene D. Stanislaus offers a deep cleaning technique known as root planing and scaling.

Feb 29

Gum disease is not just a leading cause of tooth loss among adults; it is linked to other major health problems as well.

Dec 29
Gum erosion can be a serious dental health problem if it is not dealt with in a timely and efficient fashion. The recession of gum can lead to tooth decay beneath the gumline and more serious dental health problems.
Feb 26

Easy steps for the prevention of gum disease.

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