Sinus Lift for a Stronger Jaw Bone

A sinus lift is a surgical procedure designed to improve upper jawbone mass. It is often performed as a preparatory procedure for dental implant placement, which can only be performed on patients with sufficient jawbone density. Dr. Eugene D. Stanislaus of Brooklyn Heights Dental® can perform a safe and effective sinus lift for patients in the Brooklyn Heights, NY, area, improving their oral health and candidacy for dental implants.

Why a Sinus Lift?

When a tooth is lost for an extended period of time, the adjacent jawbone begins to deteriorate. Additionally, the sinuses can expand when tooth roots no longer stimulate the upper jawbone. Between these two factors, it is not uncommon for patients to have insufficient bone density for dental implant placement in the upper jaw. A sinus lift, also known as maxillary sinus floor augmentation, increases jawbone density using your own tissue, donor tissue, or a synthetic material. During the procedure, we will lift the sinus membrane to create room for a bone graft. The bone grafted to the upper jaw, below the sinuses, eventually fuses with the existing jawbone for a stronger, denser bone mass.

illustration of sinus lift before and after
A sinus lift can add bone tissue to your upper jaw to ensure dental implants can be securely held in place.

The Sinus Lift Procedure

To plan your treatment, our team will take multiple scans and x-rays of your jaw and connected structures of the face. Our advanced cone beam 3-D imaging system can create extremely detailed images, allowing us to evaluate your bone structure density, tissues, and nerves with incredible precision. Using these images, we can determine if your bone graft material can be taken from the chin or another area, or if you would benefit from another grafting material. We will also design a precise procedure and plan exact amounts of bone graft to be placed.

On the day of your procedure you will be given anesthesia to numb the area. We also offer nitrous oxide or IV sedation for your full comfort. Next, Dr. Stanislaus will make an incision in your gums and create a small opening in the bone. The thin layer of membrane that separates the sinus from the jawbone is then gently raised. In the empty space between the membrane and the sinus floor, Dr. Stanislaus will place the grafted bone material. Finally, your incision will be sutured closed.

Recovery & Aftercare

Like most minor surgeries, a sinus lift will cause inflammation and tenderness but most patients experience minimal discomfort and return to work within two days. You can apply ice packs to the treatment area to reduce swelling and take given medication for pain, congestion, and inflammation, as well as antibiotics to prevent infection. Plan to eat a diet of soft foods while your mouth heals, and refrain from smoking or using straws. You will be advised on how to brush your teeth gently to avoid disturbing your sutures. At seven to 10 days, you will return to our offices for a follow-up examination.

If you have been told you cannot have dental implants due to poor jawbone density or oral structure, Dr. Stanislaus may be able to restore your candidacy with a sinus lift. 

In some cases, a sinus lift can be performed immediately before implants placement. More often than not, the grafted bone needs time to heal and safely fuse with the existing jawbone before implants can be placed. This process takes about four to nine months to complete.

Learn More about Sinus Lifts

If you have been told you cannot have dental implants due to poor jawbone density or oral structure, Dr. Stanislaus may be able to restore your candidacy with a sinus lift. You can reach us online, or call us at (877) 738-9424 to learn more about this procedure and if it is right for you.

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