Careful Planning and Precise Execution for Successful Dental Implant Surgery

Smiling couple hugging and posing for picture on couchMissing teeth can impact your ability to speak properly, enjoy your favorite foods, and smile with confidence. If you are missing one or more teeth, you may benefit from the amazing stability and comfort that dental implants provide. Whether you are in need of a dental crown, dental bridge, or partial or full set of dentures, dental implants can help. At Brooklyn Heights DentalDr. Eugene D. Stanislaus takes great care to plan your implant placement for years of optimal support. We are also happy to provide nitrous oxide or intravenous (IV) sedation to ensure you remain fully relaxed during treatment. To learn more about how you can benefit from dental implant surgery, contact our Brooklyn Heights, NY office today.

Planning Your Surgery

Before your surgery is scheduled, you will meet with Dr. Stanislaus for an examination and discussion about your oral health. Dr. Stanislaus will evaluate the health of your gums, teeth, and jaw bone tissue using x-ray technology. It is important that your mouth is free from decay and gum disease before you undergo any type of restorative treatments.

Once he has determined your smile is healthy, Dr. Stanislaus will evaluate scans of your jaw bone to determine whether it is strong and large enough to support implants. Trained at the renowned Misch International Implant Institute™, Dr. Stanislaus has extensive experience determining where implants can be best placed for long-term success. If he determines that you do not have enough bone to support an implant, you may require a bone graft (which strengthens your jaw) or sinus lift (which creates room in your upper jaw) before your implant can be placed. If you require preparatory procedures, it is important to understand you will require additional healing time, which will lengthen your treatment timeline.

In addition to evaluating whether your jaw bone is strong and dense enough to support dental implants, Dr. Stanislaus will determine how many implants are needed to support your restorations. One patient's denture, for example, could be supported by as few as four implants, while another case might require six or eight implants. Ultimately, the number and placement of your implants will depend upon your budget, schedule, and unique treatment goals.

What to Expect During the Procedure

On the day of your dental implant surgery, Dr. Stanislaus will administer nitrous oxide or IV sedation to help you relax, as well as a local anesthetic at the site of each implant. Dr. Stanislaus will carefully create small incisions in your gums to allow access to your jaw bone. There, he will create small holes for each of your implant posts and set them securely in place. Your gums will then be sutured closed over your implants, and you will begin the process of recovery. Dr. Stanislaus will provide you with a temporary restoration to wear while you heal. In some cases, he can provide same-day restorations, which provide immediate functionality and require no additional surgeries.

Healing and Restoration

In the months following your procedure, your jaw bone will begin to fuse with each of your titanium implants. Known as osseointegration, this process will strengthen your implants in place over time. Because implants are made from biocompatible titanium, they are not recognized as a foreign substance by your body, so there is a minimized risk of rejection.

The healing process typically takes three to six months, although Dr. Stanislaus will ultimately determine when you are ready to receive your permanent restorations. In the final stage of your treatment, the gums will be opened and abutments will be placed on top of each implant post. Your crown, bridge, or denture will be attached to these abutments. Implant-supported restorations look and feel extremely natural. Unlike traditional restorations, like dentures, they will never slip out of place.

Learn More During a Consultation

If you have missing teeth, dental implants can greatly improve your quality of life. To learn more about dental implant surgery and schedule a consultation, contact Brooklyn Heights Dental today.

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