Periodontics for the Successful Treatment of Gum Disease

If you or a loved one is suffering from gum disease (periodontal disease), our team of experts at Brooklyn Heights Dental® can help. Dr. Eugene Stanislaus and Dr. Lisa Reid provide state-of-the-art periodontics for patients in Brooklyn, Park Slope, and surrounding areas. With periodontal treatment, you can obtain relief from the symptoms of gum disease while improving your oral health. As one of our patients, you can expect that we will provide you with the outstanding dental care you need to achieve the beautiful, healthy smile you deserve.

Periodontics - State-of-the-Art Solutions for Gum Disease

Periodontics is the branch of dentistry that focuses on the prevention and treatment of gum disease - the gradual destruction of the gums and the underlying bone caused by the bacteria in accumulated plaque. Over time, this can lead to tooth loss, dental misalignment, dental pain, and structural changes to your face.

Although periodontal disease can cause a range of symptoms if left untreated, the disease's progression can be slowed or arrested with proper treatment.

Although periodontal disease can cause a range of symptoms if left untreated, the disease's progression can be slowed or arrested with proper treatment. By maintaining a healthy oral hygiene at home and visiting your dentist biannually for routine examinations, you can keep gum disease at bay and extend the longevity of your oral health.

Signs and Symptoms of Gum Disease

The early stages of gum disease are often undetectable, which is why it is important to have your teeth professionally cleaned and examined every six months. When caught early, side effects are easily managed and often reversible. However, once gum disease reaches the advanced stages, the disease is chronic and can lead to tooth extractions and costly restorative procedures.

Illustration of gum disease
Gum disease that is left untreated can result in serious consequences, such as bone loss and gum recession. 

Watch Out For:

  • Persistent bad breath
  • Red, inflamed, or sensitive gums
  • Bleeding gums
  • Dental sensitivity or pain
  • Gum recession
  • Teeth that appear longer
  • Loose or shifting teeth
  • Pain when chewing or biting down

Risk Factors of Gum Disease

Although the primary cause of gum disease is linked to bacterial overgrowth due to tooth decay and poor oral health, even those who maintain the most regimented dental hygiene program can develop gum disease. Other risk factors include patients:

  • With a family history of gum disease
  • Over the age of 65
  • Who smoke or use tobacco products
  • With mismanaged stress
  • Using medications, such as oral contraceptives and anti-depressants
  • With bruxism (teeth grinding and jaw clenching)

The Link Between Your Oral and Physical Health

Research has shown that periodontal health relates to whole body
 health. When your oral health is neglected, it places you at a higher risk for developing diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and other diseases. Although these diseases were initially linked to dental decay, periodontitis, and the overgrowth of bacteria, more recent research shows that inflammation from the infection may be the contributing factor. Treating inflammation within your mouth and your body can help prevent further oral health concerns, as well as reduce your chances for developing other serious conditions.

  • Diabetes: Although gum disease can increase your chances for developing diabetes due to chronic inflammation, those who already have diabetes and struggle from mismanaged blood sugar levels can also develop gum disease. Just the slightest sign of oral infection can rapidly grow into something much worse.
  • Heart Disease and Stroke: There is a correlation between poor oral health and heart disease. When tooth decay is left untreated, it leads to chronic inflammation within your body that not only leads to gum disease, but can place you in jeopardy for high blood pressure and heart disease. Because gum disease can also aggravate current heart conditions, patients with a family history of high blood pressure or heart disease need to diligently monitor their oral health.
  • Cancer: Poor oral health has not only been linked to oral cancer, but other cancers within the body, such as kidney, pancreatic, and blood cancers.

Periodontal Treatment Options

Periodontal treatment can help patients enjoy improved dental health. Brooklyn Heights Dental provides the following periodontal treatment options:

  • Dental Cleaning (Prophy): This procedure is best for patients with good oral hygiene who only have gingivitis. In most cases, these patients experience little to no bleeding when brushing or flossing.
  • Scaling and Root Planing: This procedure is recommended for patients with mild gum disease in order to prevent further damage from occurring. During the procedure, the doctor will remove plaque and bacteria buildup from the base of the tooth and below the gum line using a handheld device and ultrasonic scaler. Before beginning the treatment, the doctor will apply a topical anesthetic to numb the gum line and surrounding tissues. If necessary, we can also provide stronger sedation. Once the treatment is complete, we will apply a topical antibiotic directly onto the gums and periodontal pockets to eliminate any remaining bacteria.
  • LANAP Periodontal Treatment: Brooklyn Heights Dental is pleased to provide LANAP (Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure) which is the only FDA-approved laser periodontal therapy for the treatment of moderate to severe periodontal disease. LANAP is one of the most advanced periodontal treatment options available. Traditionally, periodontal surgery involves lifting the gums away from the teeth to access the underlying area, and then closing the gums with sutures. The laser procedure, on the other hand, uses no scalpels or sutures, which minimizes discomfort during and after treatment. Patients have much less bleeding, less swelling, and less postoperative infections as compared with traditional periodontal surgery.
  • Chao Pinhole® Surgical Technique: This advanced technique can address gum recession without surgery. Using a special device, Dr. Stanislaus can loosen the gum tissue and guide it down the teeth. As compared to traditional gum grafting, this option is less invasive and requires less downtime, yet it produces comparable results.

Benefits of Periodontal Care

Monitoring your oral health can literally help save your life. Addressing periodontal disease in its early stages can alleviate painful and otherwise undesirable side effects while helping you preserve your natural teeth and maintain a healthy smile for many years. Red, inflamed, and recessed gums can make teeth look unattractive and unhealthy. Healthy gums frame your teeth attractively and make your smile stand out.

By maintaining a healthy smile, you can:

  • Enjoy smiling freely and confidently
  • Improve your overall appearance
  • Feel healthier
  • Protect your long-term oral and physical health

Learn More about Periodontics

Don't wait another moment to seek treatment for gum disease. Contact our office today or by calling (718) 857-6639 to learn more about how periodontics can restore your smile. We serve patients in Brooklyn and surrounding areas, providing the exceptional dentistry necessary to treat periodontal disease and its symptoms. We look forward to meeting your treatment goals.

Dr. Stanislaus of Brooklyn Heights Dental®

Brooklyn Heights Dental®

The team at Brooklyn Heights Dental® has been committed to caring for our community's smiles since 1956. Dr. Eugene D. Stanislaus and Dr. Lisa Reid are affiliated with several renowned institutions and organizations, including:

  • The Academy of General Dentistry
  • The International Congress of Oral Implantologists
  • The International College of Dentists
  • The Misch International Implant Institute

To set up an appointment or learn more about our services, give us a call at (718) 857-6639 or contact us online.

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